Our Best Marriage FAQ

Is Our Best Marriage associated with any religion or social cause?

Absolutely not. We do not espouse any particular viewpoint. Our role is to provide you with tools and ask you prompting questions so you can work out with your partner what is best for you.

We believe that you hold the answers to your own relationship, and that the more you consciously create that together with your partner, the better your relationship will be.

I’m gay. Is Our Best Marriage only for straight couples?
Nope, it’s for both. In Plan Your Wedding, Build Your Marriage, (link to that landing page) Maren shares from her own experience, so those stories are from a straight perspective. But we have interviewed both gay and straight couples about getting married and include their comments throughout the program.

It’s our intention that anyone getting married can use the material and we do our best to make the language non-gender specific.

What if I don’t like the Plan Your Wedding, Build Your Marriage program?
If you are not satisfied with this pre marriage course, return it within thirty days for a full refund.

I want to come to a Soul mate Premarital Retreat. Where are they?
We rotate locations. All of them are beautiful and a great getaway. Contact us for the next locations.

I want to work with a Coach. Does my fiancé need to do it too?
Yes, the 90-day R.I.G.H.T. Start™ Coaching Program is designed for the two of you to work together with a coach. This can be done via Skype or phone. We’ll provide all the information you need.

The Our Best Marriage material is designed to have the two of you work together. If you’re interested in personal coaching for just you or just your fiancé, contact us.

How does it work to use an Our Best Marriage coach?
You will be given the Plan Your Wedding, Build Your Marriage program for free. Your Coach will meet with you and your partner by phone or Skype twice a month to discuss the material and work through it with you.
It’s a great chance to bring any issues that came up as you worked on the material together and to have an objective outside ear. A coach can help you to develop patterns that are healthy and supportive to your relationship.

Do I have to pay for my 90-day R.I.G.H.T. Start™ Coaching Program all at once?
Yes, we commit to you for three months and expect you to do the same by paying in full for the 90 day program.
If after the first session you think it’s not a fit for you, we will offer you a refund, minus $300.

Do I have to pay for my Soul Mate Premarital Retreat all at once?
Nope – we require a deposit of $1495 to hold your place, with the balance due two months prior to the retreat.
Your travel and accommodations you will arrange for yourself (we have a partner to help you if you want it) so that part is up to you.

What credit cards do you accept?
We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

I want to bring someone in to speak with our group or organization. How do I do that?
We love to speak at events! Contact us for information.

I want to use these pre marriage programs with my friends/book club/religious group/colleagues. How do I do that?
All our materials are protected and not available to be copied. Each member of your group needs to purchase the program separately and then you can discuss it together. Contact us for group rates or to have a Coach facilitate your conversations.

Where are you located?
Plan Your Wedding, Build Your Marriage is available digitally, so it’s wherever you are.

Our Coaches work via Skype and phone, so they’re where you are too.
Soul Mate Premarital Retreats are held in various U.S. locations like mountaintop vistas and warm beaches.

What’s the difference between premarital coaching and premarital counseling?
Premarital counseling is typically offered by a therapist: Therapy works with things that are broken to get them to ‘normal.’

Coaching is about going from normal to exceptional.

Therapy typically deals with the past. Coaching deals with the future.

Coaching is based in the belief that our clients are healthy, whole, creative and hold the answers for themselves about their lives. The coach is there to ask questions that provoke deeper thought and bring new awareness, then to couple that awareness with actions that move the client toward what they want.

Coaching is used by top athletes and executives to foster top performance. Premarital coaching is a great alternative to premarital counseling when there’s nothing wrong in your relationship – you just want to create something spectacular!