Use Your Wedding-Planning Process To Create Your Ultimate Marriage


 Most People Spend Thousands of Dollars and Hundreds of Hours Planning Their Wedding …and Almost No Time Planning Their Marriage.


Avoid the Mistakes Most People Make:

“Plan Your Wedding, Build Your Marriage”

A Pre Marriage Course to Create the Marriage of Your Dreams

Here’s just some of what you’ll discover in this premarital course:

  • Secrets to building a rock-solid marriage foundation with good habits that will pay off forever
  • The Top Ten Marriage Communication Tools
  • The Five Rules of Fighting Fair
  • How to have a marriage where you feel loved, cherished, respected and strong 

…Also “The Best Advice I Ever Got” from successful, happy couples:
pre marriage advice about the Wedding AND the Marriage

Look, I’m just like you…

I was so excited to be marrying my guy and wanted a great party to celebrate.

But part way through the wedding-planning I started to freak out! I wasn’t exactly bridezilla, but I could see her from there…

So why is the wedding planning process so stressful?!

Well, because it pokes at all the areas of your relationship:

  • Money: the cause of the most divorce-causing disagreements
  • Family: our way or their way?
  • Who does What: pre- and post-wedding roles and responsibilities
  • And on and on…

I wasn’t stressed about the party per se…

It’s just that all the questions about the party meant dealing with all those aspects of my relationship!

I realized that rather than just plan a great party, this was the time to build our relationship and create a strong foundation for the many years we would be together – if we didn’t do it NOW, when would we?

Face it: no one gets married thinking THEY will be the ones to divorce. But it still happens more often than not.

You CAN make your odds significantly better!

It’s all about having the important conversations NOW to build a foundation.

“Plan Your Wedding, Build Your Marriage” will help you have the conversations with your fiancé that put you on the same page and build a foundation that will weather any storms in years to come.

Arm yourself with the tools you need to make it… together!

“Plan Your Wedding, Build Your Marriage” will show you how to:

  • Have the wedding you will remember fondly forever
  • Never fight about money
  • Set boundaries with intruding in-laws
  • Keep that loving, engaged feeling forever

Read the stories!
Lots of anecdotes and pre marriage advice from engaged and married couples.

Learn the secrets!
Get the dirt on what really happens during engagement and marriage.

Use the tools!
Relationship and communication tools to use for years to come.

As a certified personal coach for many years, I’ve worked with tons of people on their relationships – from looking for that special someone to getting engaged, to walking down the aisle. In Plan Your Wedding, Build Your Marriage I share the tips I’ve found useful for all of them, and for myself. I’m not only the coach – I’m also the bride!

I created this program to present the material in a fun, easy-to-read format, with stories about my own experience going through the process. You’ll get anecdotes from me and dozens of other couples about what made their weddings, and their marriages, a success. Read the stories and the premarital advice: get a load of tools for using in your relationship for years to come!

maren-perry our best marriage“I wouldn’t have the amazing relationship I have myself if it weren’t for this material. Compiling it for you has been a joy and I offer it to you with all my heart, so that you can have the same…” -Maren

In “Plan Your Wedding, Build Your Marriage” You Will:

Discover how to have the conversations you need to before marriage:

  • How to communicate effectively
  • How you will handle money
  • Who does what when it comes to chores, work, living together

Find out the secret to discussing hot button topics like:

  • Money
  • Sex
  • Religion

Use parts of the wedding-planning to make your relationship stronger:

  • Invitations – who to invite?!
  • Planning the ceremony and reception
  • Who’s paying for the wedding?
  • Any doubts or fears you have on the way

Then, when you’re walking down the aisle, you’ll know you’ve done everything possible to give yourselves the best possible odds of staying together and having your Best Marriage.

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My easy-to-read pre marriage book about the wedding planning process and how to USE it to build the marriage of your dreams
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Plan Your Wedding Build Your Marriage
Workbook Fifteen workbooks to use for creating your Best Marriage with your fiancé
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My “Communication Tool Box” Audio Program with 10 marriage-strengthening tools
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Communication Tool Kit
Money Conversation Checklist Checklist of Conversations to Have NOW About Money (financial disagreements are the largest predictor of divorce)
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My “Five Rules for Fighting Fair”
($195 value)
Five Rules of Fighting Fair
Best Advice I Ever Got Pre Marriage Advice from dozens of couples about what they wish they’d done differently in their weddings… and their marriages
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Resource list for continued relationship-building
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Resource List
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