Take a break from the flurry of the engagement process to spend three glorious days focused on each other.



By the time you head back to your lives you are rested, restored, more in love with your partner than you thought possible and equipt with the skills to create a marriage that most people only dream of having.


 I’d love you to join us!


retreats4You and your fiancé arrive on Friday evening. The porter takes your bags with a smile and hands you a cocktail. You pause a moment in the plush lobby, sipping the cool drink as you let your hair down and put on your sunglasses. You’re here. A special weekend with your special one…After a dip in the hot tub and a delectable dinner, you meet several other couples, all engaged and all as committed as you are to investing in your marriage.You and your betrothed spend the weekend in coached conversations and sharing some special activities. By the time you head back to your lives you are rested, restored, more in love with your partner that you thought you could be. You’ve made friends with other couples, and more importantly, deepened the relationship you have with your soon-to-be-spouse.

Four times a year, we gather engaged couples to focus on their relationship in a delicious setting with our incredible coaches over a period of three days.

Separate from the hustle and bustle of your daily life, these premarital retreats give your relationship loving attention, both from you and from our team.


Soul Mate Premarital Retreats include:

  • A luxurious location for you and your fiancé to get away from your day to day and focus on your relationship for a three-day weekend
  • Our Best Marriage Workshops on all three days with a limited number of couples
  • Personalized attention from Maren herself and our team of coaches in a focused environment: we work privately with you as a couple in addition to group time
  • Fun relationship-building activities
  • Access to Maren and our coaches to ask questions and get additional support
  • Down time to enjoy the location with your partner: spas, outdoor activities, entertainment
  • Social time to interact with other couples going through the same process and share stories and experiences
  • Personalized Our Best Marriage materials to take home with you; including materials not offered on line
  • Discounts
  • A special gift for you



“There’s nothing like doing this material in person with me and my coaches… and in a beautiful location. Your marriage is worth it! Join us…” -Maren

These retreats cost $2495 per couple, plus accommodations.

Attendance is limited to assure personal attention.
Please contact us for more information on our next Soul Mate Premarital Retreats.

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